Non-Invasive Tank Level Gauge (1 TANK)

Product code: VesselCheck ST1


General Application

VesselCheck is a highly versatile and accurate range of non-invasive liquid level measurement systems, comprising a signal processing unit and ultrasonic transceivers.

Working Principle

Ultrasonic sensors are clamped or bonded to the outside walls of the vessel; at the bottom of the vessel, with the fully density compensated option. Signals from the transducers are fed into the processor and either displayed locally, if that option is selected, or output to a separate system. The system calculates the height and volume of the liquid in the tank, from the time taken for the signal to be received from the liquid surface.

Main Applications

Horizontal Refrigerant Receivers: Canongate VesselCheck ST1-RH was specifically designed as a non-invasive low cost solution for measuring refrigerant. Refrigerant leakage is one of the main challenges facing the commercial refrigeration industry and solutions aimed at reducing the probability of a leak is welcomed within the industry. Our ST1-RH is installed in over 3000 tanks throughout the UK.


  • Used extensively across Oil & Gas, Beverage,Chemical, Refrigeration and Pharmaceutical industries
  • Truly non-invasive sensing technique
  • Sensors bonded to outside of tank
  • Fits tank of most shapes and sizes
  • Output to Telemetry system – various options
  • Low cost, reliable & accurate tank gauging
  • Not affected by pressure
  • Easy installation – no tank break-in
  • Simple retrofit to existing tanks
  • No down-time during installation
  • No moving parts – no maintenance
  • Temperature integrated sensors available
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