Water Cut Meter

Model: Universal IV ™ CM Model





Automatic Well Testing (AWT)
Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT)
Basic Sediment and Water (BS & W)
Separation Vessels
Pipeline Slug Detection
Truck Unloading
Pump Protection
Dielectric Analysis
Machinery Lube Oil Monitoring

Operating Principle: 

The method of using RF Admittance to measure water cut is widely successful because of the largedifference between the dielectric constants of oil (k = 2.3) and water (k=80). The sensing element and thepipe wall form the necessary two surfaces of the concentric capacitor. The system electronics transmit a radio frequency voltage to the sensing element that measures changes in capacitance. As the amount of water in the flowing oil increases, the net dielectric of the fluid increases which causes the capacitance to increase. The onboard electronics will compute the relationship between capacitance change and water cut. Straightforward, Reliable, Proven.



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